Monday, October 15, 2012

The Mourning House by Ronald Malfi

Year Published: 2012
Publisher: DarkFuse/Delirium
Pages: 74
Rating: didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it (my current rating) it was amazing

Devastated by tragedy, Dr. Sam Hatch is a shadow of his former self. He travels the byroads of America, running away from a past he cannot escape. There is no salvation for him.And then he sees the house. Like a siren, it calls to him. Yet the house is not what it appears to be. Is it a blessing, a gift...or a curse?

what a very good dark story this is!

Thanks to Netgalley and DarkFuse for giving me a chance to read this story..

It was short and for me personally it's a very good bed-time story!

So basically, it was a story about a man who seemed to have a happy small family. He had a wonderful and lovely wife and a newborn baby girl. But then a tragedy happened and suddenly he lost everything he loved the most. Then he started to lose himself and decided to leave. Somehow it ended on him buying a creepy old house in some place out of nowhere. And the house was a puzzle, even for me who read this story. I can't quite decide whether the house is haunted or just a puzzle that play a mind-trick to anyone that come to the house.
There was a mystery and dark-twist to it. It was not a story of some sort of hero-action story. It was just a story of a man who unfortunate enough lose to the villain house. Somehow the ending felt unfinished as many of dark/horror stories ended. Not all of stories have it's happy endings. But please keep open-minded so you can understand where the writer wants this story goes and I think I can see why.
Oh I really like the details that the writer wrote in this story. Everything felt so vivid and emotional. It was great really, the writing considering of how short it is. But I think, no matter how many pages the book has, a writer can still write a great and haunted piece of work. and this one is one of them.

I really recommend you who read this post to read this story before you sleep. It's either giving you a chill or a rest-less sleep because you keep wandering and asking why. As for me, my question was still wandering about the house.

Enjoy <3

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