Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What's New #8: Kinokuniya's temptation!

It was like last week since I posted a book haul post.. Well this time, it's a different story.. I've been avoiding to come to this bookstore, but there was just this pull that calling me to go there and I have been so stressed-out lately at the office, therefore I think I need to reward myself a bit.

So I went to Kinokuniya Bookstore at Grand Indonesia after the office.. I basically got myself (or bought myself) SIX books! hahaha..

Here they are!

Fragments and Unravel Me are sequels to Partials and Shatter Me which I have not yet reading xp well, I just can't let them hanging there, and I will read them eventually, so I decided to get them anw..

Pushing The Limits, I only hear good things about this book, it sounds like a good romantic story with a twist. I had put this book down two times at Kino, I was not so sure I want to read it, but then I was just "what the heck" and decided to buy it.. Because I am just too curious about it, what is the buzz about this book.

Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein, Everybody Sees The Ants by A.S. King, and Life After Life by Kate Atkinson are probably books that I am really most excited about.. XD I've been wanting to get them for so long, and I saw them at Kino then I was like "put them in the basket!!!", so happy..

Okay, so that'd be all for today, I will probably back with reviews after this.. I am expecting The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey to be posted within this week.. and The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson also The Ocean at The End of The Lane by Neil Gaiman..

Alright then, see ya!

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