Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, New Resolutions and January 2013 TBR!!!


Hey! We are still alive! :D hehe..

I really want to thank all of you who have visited my blog.. I really appreciate it a lot.. :D It has been 4 months since I launched this blog.. I am truly thankful for it.. Having and starting this blog is one of the best things that happened to me in 2012.. (and also the best decision ever..)

So how was your holiday? Hope you all had amazing time there.. gathering with family and friends, opening gifts, enjoying majestic feasts, and many other fantastic things.. It's always a good time.. :) December is also happened to be my most favorite month of the year.. How come I am not loving December? I have my birthday, Christmas and New Year holiday as well in one month.. It's just a wonderful time.. ;)

A lot of things happened to me in 2012.. good or bad.. But I am really thankful for everything.. Thankful for all the good things, and also thankful for all the bad (hope it will not happen again).. I finally finished my study and graduated in September :) was one among the good things that happened. I also thankful for all friends that I have.. Old friends that are still sticking with me.. and new friends who are becoming my best friends.. You guys are amazing.. Love you so much <3 and also my mom, the only parent that I have left.. I will never be able to repay all of her hardworks for me.. not with all money and gold in the world.. I am just wishing that I can make her happy (always and forever)..

Talking about resolutions in 2013, I only have simple resolutions for this year;  

  • get a new job, I kinda miss the rushing-hour, office/work-socialization and the thrill of doing multiple things at the same time (under-pressure ofc xp).. 
  • read more classics and modern classics (while keeping my YA books-TBR piling high).. 
  • go traveling, I still haven't decided where to (I will leave the option open for now ;p ).. 
  • continue my writing, I think this is about time I end my writing-hiatus, I need to start again at some point.. :) 
  • watch all episodes of Teen Wolf Season 2 also that Doctor Who series that my friend forced me to watch.. 
  • VLOGGING! Vlog or Video Blog is something that I've been considering to do.. I've been watching awesome BookTubers on YouTube and suddenly, it was calling me.. Those BookTubers are really such inspiring and very talented people.. But first, I need to know what I am facing if I am going to do that.. I am pretty much not a gifted person when it comes to graphic design or anything to do with editing.. I am not even familiar with the software.. so there are still things that I need to learn and try first.. I hope I can do it someday this year.. ;)

Hmm.. so pretty simple resolutions I guess, but If I can do all of those things, I will be a very happy person.. May all good wishes in the world come true ;*

Okay move on to other subject.. My TBR books for January 2013! I am so excited.. These are the books that I hope I can read this month.. There are always possibilities that maybe I can manage to read more than what is in my TBR January 2013 :)

TBR in January 2013

Alright then! I guess that'd be all for now ;)

Until the next post! Have a fun read! :D



  1. December is my favorite month too, bday,xmas and new year (although I don't really like the new-year. too noisy) but the food compensates :)

    I like Jane Austen, Hope you get to read/review it.
    Have a good year

    1. Happy Birthday! (sorry it's a bit late xp) I love all festivities, and the food... (no complains here) hehe..

      I like Jane Austen too, am going to read Persuasion this month.. what is your fave JA book? mine I think so far is still Mansfield Park.. :)

      and I wish you a very good year too :)

  2. I've only read two of her novels: Pride and Prejudice and Emma.
    I like the first one. I've seen the BBC adaptation of Sense and Sensibility .