Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Own Book-a-Thon Challenges!


So I am going to be very brief about this one.. So I realized that The Book Community has done a Book-a-Thon challenges in July? Sorry, I kinda forgot. But I saw many people from BookTube Community have already posted their Book-a-Thon Wrap Up videos, and I know that I am kinda late to jump in on the wagon xp

But hey, it was just a bit impossible for me to do one in July, so I think I should do it this August and I think I will be on my own this time.. haha.. sad, but I really want to do this :D

So What are Book-a-Thon challenges? Here they are:
1. Read a Classic (I have adventure of Huckleberry Finn in my head.. hmm..)
2. Read a 500+ Page book (The Diviners? or Game of Throne? or maybe The Name of the Wind? I don't know - a bit ambitious this one.)
3. Re-read a Book (Chasing Fire or The Vampire Academy?)
4. Read a Book That's Been On Your Shelf the Longest (This one should be easy, I have so many to choose!)
5. Finish a Series (hmm maybe Requiem or Terminal..)
6. Listen to an Audiobook (eh hey I have Chasing Fire audio book! I can do two challenges at the same time! AWESOME!)
7. Read 300 pages a day (hmmphh.. breathe.. breathe..)

Okay I am very excited to do this actually, I will start this my very own Book-a-Thon on Saturday, August 10th to 17th!

Okay then! :D! Let's DO THIS!

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