Monday, August 12, 2013


ooohhh.. I looooovvveeee book haul! I am getting tired of typing and taking a picture of these books, maybe I should make a book haul vids and post them on YouTube (soooo entering BookTube Community?).. oh well I don't know, I'll rethink about it again..

Now, I would like to share you the amazing bargained book haul at Periplus Online! So for those who live in Indonesia, we are not really lucky enough like some of our friends who live in Canada or the US who can have access to BooksCloseout or other bookstores that can sell them great titles of YA or any other fiction books in such a great and cheap price! But Periplus is close enough, they have quite amazing selection of fiction books (YA or Adult) in a great bargained prices. I got all of these from their bargain section on their website, each under IDR 50,000 (under US$ 5). So I basically got 8 books for about IDR 250,000 (or around US$ 25). I could not pass this opportunity out..

All of them are new books! I am really excited for all of these titles!
- All books in the Fever's Mackayla Lane series (#1 Darkfever, #2 Bloodfever, #3 Faefever, #4 Dreamfever, and #5 Shadowfever) by Karen Marie Moning: at first I was afraid that Periplus only sells one or two books in the series in the bargained price, but turned out they have all the books in the bargain price, each for I think about US$ 2!
- Then I got Nemesis by Jo Nesbo, since Stieg Larsson, I haven't read any crime novels and I have heard many good things about Jo Nesbo, I am really curious, and thank God they have one of his novel on sell, so bought it!
- Blood Red Road by Moira Young! THIS book is I am most excited about!
- Pure by Julianna Baggott! Finally I got this book in such a cheap price! This book has been very expensive, I almost want to order it online, but I put it on hold coz I just have too many to read already, BUT! How can you pass this out when it is under US$ 5?!!!

Okay,  I think I will put myself on book buying ban for now (with some exception since I already ordered some books in July via Bookdepository but hasn't arrived yet.. Few are already arrived, maybe I will do a bookdepo haul later on when all of those books are arrived (I want my The Cuckoo's Calling!!!!).

Okay then, till the next post! :)


  1. Hi Deska, your blog is very nice! i love Periplus too, i think not only cheaper. did you know they give free books too.hihihi... i love so much!!! nice to know you. btw, periplus have blog too. i think! Wida.

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  3. sorry Deska, i forgot to give you their link: