Saturday, September 1, 2012

My very first post

Hey ho!

I am so happy! finally, I am going to post my very first post on my very own blog :D

I have been reading and following quite many interesting blogs and I kept asking myself; "when will I have my own blog?" Those amazing blogs have inspired me to make one too. Well, I have to start it at some point. Now, I have time to do it (since I finally resigned from my job and have a little bit of time in the world).

At first, I have to decide what blog this one gonna be. Since my ultimate hobby is reading and buying books, why don't I make a book-blog? This is probably what this blog gonna be, although I will also post my other interests; music, movie, tv-series, culinary, and travel-places. This is my personal blog anw, so a bit of my personalities here and there xp

Ah, I also have been doing some writings, it is not done thou. I have been on hiatus for about two years (yeah I know..). I just don't seem to find the mood and I was kinda caught up with life too. Hopefully, I can post it here, so you guys who (unfortunate enough) stumble to my blog can read it XD

Alrighty then.. Let this blog sails <3

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