Saturday, September 1, 2012

What's New This Week #1

So this "What's New" is my post about my newest books addition to my bookshelf.

Some of them I bought at the bookstore or ordered at bookdepository.

Some of them I borrowed from my friends.

Here are my new additions:


Finally! I heard so many good things about this book! Excited to read it!
(Purchased at Bookdepository)
I love Lauren Oliver! All of her books are amazing! This one is actually considered as Children Book. But really? Even Adults can enjoy this too!
(Purchased at Periplus)
Never read this book before, but Neil Gaiman is legend! Found this on YA aisle. The synopsis intrigues me!
(Purchased at Kinokuniya)
This is the sequel of Anna Dressed in Blood
(purchased at Bookdepository)

My friend suggested me to read this book! So she brought it and gave me three years to finish it. haha..
(borrowed from Rosalia Eveline)

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